Dan Bertschi

SolidWorks Forums = FREE resource!  Subs NOT req'd...

Discussion created by Dan Bertschi on Apr 1, 2014

Hi Everyone,


In response to Anthony's post, I decided to put this out as a separate message so everyone can see it clearly and there's no confusion.  Regardless of whether you or your company pay SolidWorks Susbcription fees for your license of SolidWorks, the SolidWorks Community Forums are FREE to users.  It's my understanding that SolidWorks will support the user community regardless of business decisions made by their employers.


So, don't worry Anthony, you should still be able to access the forums and connect with fellow SolidWorks Users worldwide!


Only an email is required for registration & there is an option check box in the registration form if you are not registering under a specific SW license.