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    Are there any APIs related to the SQLite in SolidWorks process?

    Kevin Chu

      Hi, Everyone.


      We want to use SQLite as our file format for an add-in for the SolidWorks. I tried to get some information by searching the online SolidWorks API help. But all I got was one item that I copied it here for easy reference.

      "If your add-in uses SQLite, then you must use version of System.Data.SQLite.dll. This is the version of SQLite used by SolidWorks 2008 SP5 and later, and only one instance of SLQLite can run in SolidWorks process space."

      I also searched this forum, but could not find any useful information.


      So, here are my questions:

      a.  Can anyone explain this "only one instance of SQLite can run in SolidWorks process space" in more detail?

      b.  are there any APIs for managing the instance of SQLite in SolidWorks process?