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Mixing tank with rotating stirrer

Question asked by Xenofon Kalogeropoulos on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by Jared Conway

Dear All,


I would like to simulate a mixing system. My setup is the following (also see attached picture):


  • Tank: Normally the top of tank is open to the atmosphere.
  • Stirrer: The stirrer is a long circular rod with 2 propellers fixed on it.
  • Fluid Medium: Water for the moment


Should I set up the study as internal analysis with a lid on the water-level of my tank and define this as environmental pressure opening?

For the rotating stirrer I have created a separate part that completely encloses the stirrer and defined local rotating region @ 200 RPM.


I have tried with this setup but unfortunately the solver terminates abnormally after reporting that there is negative pressure (1.8e+81 or some sort of crazy number like that).

What do you think the problem is?


Also, would it be a good idea to define the walls of the tank as "Wall Boundaries"? Are there any goals I should set to help the solver converge? if so, what would an appropriate goal be for a general feeling of how good/bad the water is being mixed?


Any ideas or comments would be more than welcome!

Thanks in advance guys.