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Adding physical connections to two parts...

Question asked by Tod Mailler on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Tony Vitale

Following another post i made today, i am now trying to learn the best practice for the design of physical connections between two parts based on how they are mated together in an assembly... This is a super common task that occurs each time we want to, for instance, create an hinge for a vehicle door once its body and door got created and positioned properly.

UPDATE: We cannot create this in some initial global part file since the cap and the bottom parts will be assigned to two separated engineers and we suspect an initial connection design could be an obstacle to their individual development.


I ask this here because i strongly suspect SW to offer a functionality to do that... or that there is a proper process to follow to achieve an optimal result.


The post made earlier today contains a super easy case which i use to illustrate my question. (Please read the 6 illustrated steps.)


So to continue on the same example, i know get an assembly of the egg-shapped box with its cap and bottom parts.


7: Assembly



8: Now i need to modify each parts separately so that they offer a fitting extension that will allow the insertion of a pin to physically connect the two parts at manufacturing time.

So for instance i would need the upper cap part to still be a single body while having a male-like extension like this:


...and the bottom part to offer an equivalent female extension like the following:



Can i use the assembly to modify each parts ?.... should i previously decide where the hinge extensions would go ?...


What is the best practice for this common scenario ?


UPDATE: Is the modeling of physical connections so late in the design process a bad practice that should be avoided ?


Thanks !