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The Most complex yet simple problem with animating path mate motor

Question asked by William Larson on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by Jared Conway

Hello everyone,


This is my first post on the SolidWorks board. I have some issues with moving several identical parts along a path at reoccuring intervals. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


By adding constraints to the path mate, I get it to work when I drag the items but not when I animate them with a path mate motor, it either crashes or ends the simulation early. Although sometimes it does work, this is what I find even stranger.


I am using Motion Analysis as I believe it is only possible to add such a path mate motor in that type of study and I am not using gravity nor collision. Just mates that ought to work since the parts move fine by dragging. So I do not understand why it is stopping the simulation or crashing solidworks.


Can anyone please help me? I am desperate I've tried creating simple designs and I still get the same problem.



PS: Parts also are jumping to different locations when I edit something (a random object, light, or other things) and I do not have AutoKey turned on (which shouldn't be an option in Motion Analysis anyway, right?). I can send you the file by e-mail using Sprend if you want to have a look! I really need to figure out what is wrong. It is driving me nuts, been in this loop for 3 days now nearly 15 hours a day!


PS2: I am also 99% sure that I do not have any mates that should be affecting these parts in such a way, they should be constrained and behave like when I drag them.


Thank you in advance!!!!