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"Full Rebuild Time" in AssemblyXpert

Question asked by Shane Jensen on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by Jerry Steiger



We are currently working on ways to reduce load times of our higher level assemblies. Some of the solutions we have come to are:


  • Remove all context dimensions on part approval
  • Simplified configurations of subassemblies to reduce hardware in higher level assemblies
  • Avoiding complicated mates
  • No flexible assemblies


I have a few questions though, in order to help us make decisions.

1. I did an AssemblyXpert analysis on one of our assemblies, and these are the results:


14-04-01 rebuild time.png


Clearly the only issue in this simplified assembly is the full rebuild time My question is what is taking all this time?



2. If I have my simplified configuration with mostly suppresed components and mates, is that just as fast as deleting them? or do all these suppressed componenets still provide loading time?



3. Many subassemblies are not loading lightweight. Why is this?



Also, additional information:

14-04-01 total components.png




Thanks in advance for your help!