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    Nonlinear Analysis in Bellows

    Saravanamoorthy Mani

      Hi all..


      Warm Greetings...


      I had some doubts in appying boundary conditions in the bellows with solidworks simulation.since the material is santoprene rubber we proceed with Nonlinear Analysis. kindlyshare your sugeestion for th attached file with the setup.


      Addition to that, At  bottom there is Mild steel rod connected through the rubber contact.


      Immediate reply will be appreciated.

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          Jared Conway

          what is your doubt? how to actually apply the BC?


          i'd recommend separating your 2 analyses


          1 a restraint with a value will allow you to create the displacement

          2 a restraint with an axis as the reference will allow you to create the rotation


          once you get them working independently, you can try to do both at the same time (which could be done with a cylindrical restraint)


          to note, this won't be an easy analysis. i'd make sure to go through the tutorials before you attack it.


          as for the rod, its up to you on whether you want to include it. but my guess is that you don't need to include it if you really care about the bellows.