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Bug?  Units don't make sense

Discussion created by Peter Hall on Feb 5, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2007 by SolidWorks Corp

The attached graphic is a screenshot taken from a recent analysis.  SWX 2007, SP2.2; Cosmos2007 SP2.0.


The probe result at the left side ofthe screen shows the Z-position with units meters listed as (m). The node whose Z-position is -17.8m (top of the listing) isfor the lower right end of the green highlighted line (circled inBLACK), the farthest Z-position from the origin (located in theupper left side of the geometry).  The probe listing is thegreen highlighted line on the geometry.


The geometry is 17.8 INCHES long,not 17.8 meters.


This throws the scale on the left inthe view window into doubt- is it meters or is it really inches? Is the UY Results listing on the Probe Results inches ormeters?  Either unit is possible given the nature of thethermal deflection this analysis is supposed to predict.  Whenthe report is saved, everything is listed in meters, which I knowis incorrect for the positions, but is it incorrect for theresults?


What assurance do I have the otheranalysis types are not using the incorrect units for criticalstress calculations or display?