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How to design a part using multiple parts

Question asked by Gerard Boterman on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Remember Lego?

I need to design parts that contain many 'Lego' blocks, of which each need to be modified or replaced, to finaly come up with the end result of the (plastic moulded) part design.

I am used to the free form modeller KeyCreator, where you can create many solid bodies (the Lego blocks) that can be united, altered, copied etc.

Unfortunate (?) I am forced to use SW.

Delema: I do not have the flexibility to work this way.

I have created say thirty different blocks to finaly have the configuration of the part we need, all united into one solid with one click as end result. (KeyCreator)

Importing all these blocks (solid bodies) one at the time, I now need to use inter active feature recognition to recognize each block, to create the same end result.

I then hoped insert all these parts into one part and combine all, but it seems I cannot copy these bodies with the tree structure.


Where can I find SW documentation or a manual that shows how to develop a part with many sub-bodies (like Lego) where I can alter, move, copy and replace the blocks to finaly come to the combined end result? Note, that most of my work as senior mechanical engineer is development of new, complex products.

I look forward to hear from anyone having found a solution. Kind regards, Gerard