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Rendering bug related to split feature...

Question asked by Tod Mailler on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by John Burrill

Greetings !


I attached a part file as well as an assembly file to show the bug.


A facet near a split cannot be set to a color that will propagate at the assembly level.


This is a simple case to illustrate...


  1. I create a new part... a simple cube.
  2. I create a planar surface to cut the cube in half. (Split Feature)
  3. I hide one of the two half.
  4. I set the color of the remaining body to white. (At body level)
  5. I set one of its facet red.
  6. If i do a final rendering, everything looks fine.
  7. Then i create a new assembly.
  8. Import the part.
  9. Do a final rendering.
  10. The part is still white but the red facet remains "body basic color" so it shows white instead of red.


Is this a bug ?...


I have Solidworks 2011 and yes i turned the part arround to make sure the red facet wasn't hidden.


Thanks !