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Is any one using weld beads?

Question asked by Michael Schultz on Mar 31, 2014
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We've recently made the transition to 2013 sp5 and are looking to leverage the enhancements made to the weld bead tool.  In playing around with the tool I notice some short comings (or my lack of knowledge on how to use it).  Has anyone come across any good worth while trianing videos on weld beads?  I have found training on weldments, but this appears to be different than weld beads in an assembly with multiple parts. 


I have a few specific questions:

  1. How do you get the weld beads (caterpillars) to show on the drawing from the model in sub assembly parts.  For example my main assembly contains sub assembly parts.  The sub assembly parts have the weld beads and not the main assembly (this appears to be how solidworks does it).  The weld beads from the sub assembly do show in my main assembly, but the weld beads from the sub assembly do not show in my drawings.  The weld beads from the main assembly do show in my drawing. 
  2. Parts that do not contact one another do not seem as though they are able to have a weld bead applied to them.  A lot of parts we model have .030 gaps for profile tolerances and what not.  Can weld beads handle this?  What might I be doing wrong?
  3. Is there a way to mirror weld beads to avoid putting them in again?
  4. When making an e-drawing the weld beads do not propogate.  For example if I wanted to use the weld bead details and allow the welders the ability to open the model on the shop floor without having them use a solidworks lisence could they open the file with e-drawings and see the weld beads?


I've included a screen shot of an area on my assembly that I'd like to show a wraped weld.  Since the corner of the part has a fillet, it doesn't wrap the most effectively. 


Thanks in advance,