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    Search using Version Free Variables

    Bryan Nathan

      I've created new file cards with version free variables on them to help us search our part/assembly library. We've now populated some of the model cards. When I search our data cards using one of the version free variables (Pump Series in this example) I get the list of models I'm expecting.

      Variable Search.jpg


      However, when I perform the same search using the data card fields it comes up completely empty. I've tried this with numerous variables with the same result each time (variable tab works, card tab does not).

      Card Search.jpg

      To make this a useful tool I need to be able to configure search cards for our users. Has anyone run into this before and is there a simple fix that I'm missing? The variables were inputed from drop down lists (to avoid typos). The data is obviously being stored as I can search effectively with the Variable tab.

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          Kip Speck



          We have the exact same issue, did you ever get a solution or submit it to SolidWorks and get a SPR number?





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              Tim Webb

              Same here Bryan and Kip. Was giving a demo a few weeks ago and this surprised me...bad timing.

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                Bryan Nathan

                Sorry about the slow reply, it didn't alert me until Brian McEwen replied for some reason....


                The problem can be found in SPR 708714. Because the version free variable in stored in a 'future' version on first entry, search via the data card does not work (and any workflow condition using the variable will also fail). I used Workaround #2 below and have been 100% successful.


                The workarounds documented in the SPR they are:

                1. For existing files check-out the file and then check-in again.  The version does not change BUT the Variable Values are stored correctly for the correct versions.
                2. Use a version free variable that is 'latest version' type instead of 'all versions' - this stores one current value in the latest version only.
                3. Add a workflow transition or default value or scripted default value for the version free variable.  Then there is always a value to be updated in the correct versions.


                This is only an issue if you are adding version free variables to files already checked in.

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                    Brian McEwen

                    I forgot about this and then it bit me again when I made a new version free (VF) variable. I want changes to show up in search results immediately. The September post by Bryan Nathan was helpful.


                    The only easy fix, as far as searching VF variables, is work around 2, using "Updates Latest Version" (VF-Latest).  This option does not seem ideal.  The downside is if you go back to an old version of the file, the old value was actually stored with it, so the VF variable in the data card can change. Could this cause a user error?


                    Also if you do not have the latest file version, you cannot edit the VF-Latest values. You either need to Get Latest, or check in the old version to make it the latest. And then edit. This is a rare problem (where you actually want the old version) but it is a loophole I don't like... I guess you would just check it in if you wanted that version.


                    I'm not sure I understand solution 3.  Can anyone elaborate?  A default value won't help for already created and checked-in files. A workflow change to add a default value (say "."), would of course only help after the files changed state, which is not what I want for the thousands of files sitting around that started without this VF variable.


                    I tried adding a default value with Dispatch, and then clearing the value. And then adding the value I want to search and... still does not show up in search results (using VF-Updates All).  



                    My purpose, by the way, is a Current ECO field. It is written to the Released ECO field on Release. This makes it very easy to tag files to include in an EC.  We are using search based grouping, and no longer bothering with Paste as Reference.

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                  Brian McEwen

                  Does it work if you create an Edit box that searches your variable? If that functions then I'd work on customizing the search interface. The out of the box Complete search is a good starting point, but it has a lot of junk most people don't need most of the time. I simplified it for what we need 90% of the time (and a more advanced search is available).


                  ... I just tested searching a VF variable with the Cards Tab and it did work for me.  You must be hitting some bug? I'm on EPDM 2014 sp2.