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Setting and Using a "Preferred" Custom Property

Question asked by Dan Harlan on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by Tim Dexter

We have our Toolbox that we have been using for several years now. When we use a configuration we add part number and some custom properties to it so that we have that information for next time. (We have custom properties for Manufacturer, Manufacturer Part No, Material & Unit of Measure.)


We have now gone through and decided what sizes and lengths are preferred for us to use. i.e. when possible use a #10-32x1.5” 18-8 SST socket head cap screw rather than a #10-24x1.25 or square head or such. We don’t want to remove the possibility for a non-preferred size, type or length as they may still be used if needed, but when possible we want our users to select a preferred fastener (benefits bulk purchase, stock, etc)


I have defined the list of preferred fasteners and can do a bulk import into the Toolbox editor, but I’m not sure how best to configure. i.e.

  • if I add Preferred as a custom property and enable a new configuration name for each value, then we lose all of our current configurations that are in use and I suspect we would then have lots of assemblies with missing fasteners. Not acceptable.
  • If I add preferred, but don’t enable new configurations, then to my knowledge, the users don’t have a means to filter/search for preferred fasteners and I have no idea how the automatic fastener assembly would work.
  • Another idea is to create a new toolbox folder (i.e. AIT Preferred as a copy of parts of ANSI Inch, ANSI Metric and ISO). But then if a user needs to swap between a preferred and non-preferred fastener, they would (I think) lose the benefits of using a Toolbox part. Plus I would have to remove the preferred sizes from the default TB so that the configuration names are not duplicated.


Thoughts? Suggestions?


SW2013 SP4