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S'more Master Modelling

Question asked by Tony Gatta on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Greets all.

Quick question for the group, though I'd be surprised if there was an answer to my problem.


We do a lot of master model based design.  Just so we're all on the same page, this means

one "master" (part) which contains anything from sketches, surfaces, reference geometry, etc -- to

multiple bodies (multibody part).


The call on the complexity (weight?) of the master model typically is up to the lead engineer, but personally,

I like to keep building in a master until I'm at about 5-6 second rebuild time, maximum.  This is just a

personal (arbitrary) number.


This master is then inserted into new parts and, in the case of a multibody master, every other body

aside from the body of interest is deleted. (Delete Body command)


The body then get refined at the part file level (outside of the master) with all the details, draft, fillets, etc.


Each "part" has the master as its first feature in the tree.


Updating the master successfully updates all of the children and, consequently, the final assembly.


Problem (nuisance) occurs when edits in the master change body or surface identities.. or a new body/surface

is added.  For example, cutting a hole in an existing body causes no problems.  Adding a boss, however, changes

the "body ID".

This means crawling through the final assembly and (re)hiding surface bodies, and rediting the top level

body delete.


Not a big deal when its 6 parts.  But 60 starts to get tedious.


Anyone else running into this?  Have a shortcut/workaround/suggestion?


Sorry so long-winded,