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Suppress Multiple Entities

Question asked by Mike Simonetta on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by Klaudiusz Skiba

I have a drawing that, based on whether a specific value is greater then 1", will either show/hide several line entities in a sketch. I know that I can create an IF statement saying..

LINE@SKETCH1 = IF ("Width" > 1, suppress, unsuppress) but because I have many lines to dynamically hide/show I figured there is some way of combing all the lines and referencing them all as one. I have looked into feature suppression and also mate referencing but I was unable to acheive the result I am looking for. Can anyone shine some light on this matter. There must be a way to get this working.


Check my attached file, I have a simple square on the left that I want to be able to hide/show based on a value on the main drawing to the right..