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    sketch repair

    paul braithwaite
      This is a downloaded sketch from a CAD file from a supplier. How do I quickly resolve the sketch so I can revolve it? There are so many irregularities with it that it will take me forever if I have to check out every line and intersection.

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          John H
          I have not looked at your sketch, however, whenever editing an unresolved sketch, I sometimes add a "Fix" relation to the sketch objects that are not fully resolved. This can be done quickly if you dont want to spend the time to figure out the models dimensional details.
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              Martin Cox
              If this was a DXF or DWG you might concider merging the points when importing.
              If you edit the sketch you can select all the entities and fix them
              Use the 2d to 3d toolbar while editing the sketch to align any selected point with the orgin.
              You can use the sketch tools / modify to rotate the sketch.