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question about how to make a part appear symmetrical about y axis

Question asked by Cypher Duane on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Denny Peter

Hi all,


I am a super new SW user. I had trouble fixing the front view of my part. It's like i know how to find the front view and rotate the part anyhow I like, but I just can't get the "real front view". So basically what i mean is that I have a symmetrical object and i want to make sure it's symmetrical about the vertical axis, i.e the bottom of the component is horizontal and the side of the component vertical (i.e not slanting/tilting in any directon). This is because i need to make a drawing from the part and if i dont fix this problem, the front view of my part isnt really sysmetrical in the drawing which i assume wouldnt be good.


Sorry if i sound messy. Any help is appreciated.