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    Bill McConnell

      Greetings to all:

      I am enrolled in a Solidworks class so my overall knowledge is very limited, even though I have 20 years experience of 2D ACAD experience.


      For anyone familar with railroads, I am trying to draw a frog.


      I am trying to perform a very simple Swept Boss / Bass using the profile RAIL PROFILE (3-29-14) along the path TEST-2. The path has a vertex which allows an angle to be introduced.


      During the sweep, Solidworks removes the 3 radii in the RAIL PROFILE sketch regardless of the angle at the vertex. The radii were created using either 3-point arcs or circles. It made no differences how they were created.


      The RAIL PROFILE is cut and pasted into Plane 1.


      I've tried creating a Block for the Rail Profile thinking that this would keep all of the components intact. It made no difference.


      My instructor can not figure out why this is happening so any help from the members of this forum is greatly appreciated.