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Use Thin Client for Solid works

Question asked by Mohsen Ghayumi on Mar 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by Ian Worrall

I'd like to start new IT plan for my company with thin client but I've some question:


my company has some users who are using Solid works , autocad , analysis , ....


really I don't know what happen happen for this users if we changed to use thin client.


my real question for our solid works users is there:


1\ which server configuration is better for this plan ?


2\  which Thin client is better to use? (configuration)


3\  Does it need some other device that they can have better performance to use solid works on thin client? (for their graphic work)


4\ Do you have any recommendation or advise to me?


Attention :


we have 3 Solid works professional workers  and 3 workers who only use solid work to see other workers design.