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How to identify sketched entities by their name?

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Mar 28, 2014



I learned a cool trick that I would like to use frequently, but I am having trouble with what should be really simple:



I know that I can simply drag the dim's handle to the new point - but there  are two issues with this...


One is that the value of the dim changes leaving the right hand edge of the sketch where you see it.  Using the REPLACE function will keep the value of the dim and change the size of the sketch.


The other issue (not a direct issue but much bigger for me...) If there is a wayy to identify which entity it which, by an ID (like "line4") then I can much more efficiently repair rebuild errors.


I KNOW this information exists in the software, I just cannot get it to show me.  Try this: with the replace collector active, click around to various points in the sketch...  The Replace box will tell you what you're clicking on - just not the two points I need to distinguish.... ERRGGH!  99.75% there!  I just need that last .25%...  Any thoughts?


Why do I want that, you ask?  (I can hear you asking...)  Obviously the example I am showing is a simple sketch and replacing the dimension attachment is a trivial thing.  This is a much bigger topic that involves preventing and repairing errors.


SWX 2014 has introduced a sketched entity Replace funtionality.  This is a great thing - I encourage you all to check it out and learn and use it.  When a feature is missing a reference (a dangling relation or dimension, for example) it would be a simple thing to find out what entitiy is missing and then tell SWX what you want it to look at instead.  (another popular CAD package used to call this "reroute" - now it is called "edit references."  It is such a time saver in repairing models that break - and once a designer is comfortable and confident in using it, it is a great tool to anticipate and prevent rebuild errors...


Thanks for reading...