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Setting SW-Part Number To Equation Or Rename Configuration Automatically

Question asked by Duane Baker on Mar 29, 2014



We use a product configurator tool that based on a series of UI's will fire up SW and deisgn our models to those specifications.  Since the filename of the tube will not change, I plan to set the 'Bill of Materials Options' to either 'Configuration Name' or 'User Specified Name' as my ERP system relies on this field (SW-Part Number) as its part I cannot just us a customer or configuration property.


I have been able to setup equations in my model that will generate the part number and, if needed, I can set this equation to a customer or configuration property.  Now what I really need to do is to use this equation and rename the configuration name and use configuration name for my Bill of Material Options or just set SW-Part Number to this equation and then use User Specified Name for my Bill of Material Options.


Help would be appreciated