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Bimba Pistons Overdefining issue

Question asked by Mason Scott on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by Glenn Schroeder



I'm currently working on an assembly that uses two bimba pistons (sr-044-dp) to actuate a subassembly on a pivot point. Picture (Layout.jpg) attached to show.


As I tried to add the concentric mate (shown in the subassembly mate.jpg file), i received the classic DONT DO THAT THATS OVERDEFINING IT. Use to it. Figured maybe there was some small geometrical error screwing everything up. Reassembled the piston to be sure, made sure the clevis was right, etc. Didn't resolve the issue.


These pistons are identical, so in theory I should be able to mate one concentric with the other and it will just act the same way, right? Well, as shown in individual mate.jpg, It did not resolve my issue and I'm still receiving the overdefining message. I've been dealing with this since early January and its finally stumped me enough that I'm posting here.


Thanks for all of your help!