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Miter Flange Corner Joining Issue

Question asked by Fred Vraj on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2014 by Fred Vraj


Hi guys

I am dealing with one job, not a big one but there is a flange feature that I am struggling with.

I need to make the same flange on  3 edges and they have to have all 45 ° ending and joining. ( Miter 1 is the right flange profile. )

I can manage the ends but I am struggling with the joint in the top left corner. Its a bit messy now and not what I need to have. I need 45 ° joining each flange.

the same like I have got on the first flange at the bottom.

I was gonna do the miter flange on all 3 edges at once but it says it can not be done on the top edge and I do not know why.

If I want to do that, It shows a little icon ,,Propagate,,.

Would you mind taking look at my part and see what you can do?

Good night and thank you to all of you