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Network Rendering Large images (at photoview limit)

Question asked by Alex Worsfold on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by Alex Worsfold

Guys,  I have been trying to get network rendering to function correctly and was successful for normal (HD 1920x1080) image sizes, but i am unable to get it to work correctly for extreme resolutions.  Normally on the client machines, the controller will show up, and after some time, all the clients will start rendering - all is well.  However, i have an image i need to create that is at photoviews limits (20000x11250) the controler machine is showing up clients list after starting the final render window, but status and mode never update, they both say Unavailable?  At first i thought i just need to let it sit, but still nothing after 1hr.  Geometry cache is set to the default 4gb on each client, and as i said earlier, i have no issues with regular sized images (multiple tests).  Does anyone know what the problem could be?  Limitation?  Rendering that image size on a single client took 18hrs, would like to speed this up if i can.