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Question asked by Rodney Michels on Mar 27, 2014
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I was wonder if anyone has ever came across a task like this one.  I would like to apply something like a "Link to Property" to a drawing template that would read the part\assembly units.  Today, we have one drawing template and within it I have a "Link to Property" for the weight of the file. This is nothing new, I am sure everyone does this.  One thing that was asked of me to do was put "lb" within that annotation to depict "pounds".  That was well and good, but now we have been doing some work with customers that would want to see "kg" on it instead.


I really dont want to make two templates, what I would like to do is find some type of "Link to Property" that would read the models "Units" and display that in that field. 


If you have not ideas how to make that work, no big deal.  I might look at something in the API to handle it if I cant figure anything else out.


Thanks for your help in advance.