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After checking in a part to a project, how can I check out a part, edit it, and check in without updating the revision?

Question asked by Ryan Hess on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by Ryan Hess

Basically, my company just started using PDM in Solidworks and I am very new to the system. I checked in a part named "pv4108" along with its drawing but for sake of neatness, I'd like to rename or re-save the part as "PV4108". Normally renaming parts is a pain but I've realized changing the casing doesn't affect the references or links to that part or drawing. I simply want to check in the part with the correct capital letters but am experiencing some issues with the revision level. It's currently rev I and won't let me check it in as any revision but J, thinking I've made an actual engineering change. Any help is appreciated.