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Configure Relations between sketches

Question asked by Giacomo Forcina on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by Paul Marsman



My work is to design hundreds of frames for buildings' facades.



I find pretty interesting the possibility to configure sketch relations and insert them in a Design Table; 

I can configure their STATE (suppressed or not) and create a new relation for each configuration. But I would like to do something else:


EXEMPLE: In Assembly1 I have Part1 and Part2; and I create In-context relations between them:   Line1@Sketch1>Part1 is collinear Line2@Sketch2>Part2


and I want to switch the second argument of the relation (Line2@Sketch2) and pick a different line for each configuration.


I know there is a little dialog box in the property manager when you doubleclick a relation that allow to do it manually,

but it doesn't seem very stable and timesaving if you have to do so a hundred of times..


Do anyone know how to make this kind of configuration and get it faster as in a Design Table!


Many thanks for help in advance!!!