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    Print output name question?

    robert dattilo



             I was wondering, why ocassionly when I create a drawing, it includes the name of the last drawing that I created it from. This is an example. I create H00500-87 from H00500-70.

      then I look at the top of the drawing, and it says H00500-87 - H00500-87. This isn't the drawing name, it will just be named H00500-87, but at the top of the drawing, it will add the reference to the name. Then when I go to print a Pdf, it will give the name H00500-87 - H00500-70. We happen to upload the Pdf's as product drawings, so If I'm not carefull the name get's elongated in our product data. Does anyone know why they include this reference in the pdf output name, or if there's somekind of setting to not have it do that.


      Thanks, in advance;


      Rob_D SW 2014 sp2