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Part Descriptions Disappearing!

Question asked by Jamie Costa on Mar 27, 2014

Recently I've been experiencing this strange phenomenon I'm hoping I can get some help with...I'll do my best to include all the info, but let me know if I'm missing something.


I can create any number of parts, fill in all of the Custom Properties (description, part number, material, etc), and insert them into an assembly.  When I go to create the assembly drawing and BOM, in what seems like a random fashion, certain parts will have their properties missing from the BOM (see photo "BOM ISSUE").  When I go back into the assembly, click that part and open it, the description is shown in the Custom Properties like normal.  In order to get it to show up in the BOM like it should though, I have to save everything, then close and restart SolidWorks.


Also, there are occasions where I can input all of this data in the Custom Properties and run through the same steps, only when I reopen the part and check the properties, the description is gone.  The rest of the data remains, but not the description.




I'm currently running SW2010 (wish they'd just upgrade here) on Win7 x64, if that matters.  All of the files are on a server, and I'm the only one (out of five users) experiencing this problem. 


Many thanks in advance.