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Drive Works Vs. Concept by Config 1

Question asked by Lex Zeitler on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by Adolf Watson

Hello everyone,


I am new to the table driven assembly aspect of SW and have been trying to learn as much as I can about the programs or add-ins if you may that allow you to have a powerful control.


I need to make assembly drawing of industrial conveyor belts, not just conveyor belts with a piece of rubber or rollers, a conveyor with piano hinge pans. These pans make up the base of the belt and then the chain goes on the side.


The pans are assembled in a staggered repeating pattern to make up the belt for the entire length of belt.


Our Goal:


Have a table driven spreadsheet with drop downs that will enable you to coose the belt width, the belt length, the belt type, the chain type, etc. This will allow sales to creat blue prints and quote jobs easier. Like I said before our pans have a staggering pattern, when I select the belt width, and belt length, IT HAS TO BE ABLE TO GENERATE THE CORRECT PAN PATTERN. This pattern repeats itself every foot.


     Is that possible?


We also would like to have smart assembly drawings so that a robot welder will be able to read and see the weldment paths. I know that our robot welder will run with SW but does that mean that it will run with Drive Works or Concept?


My final question would be,


From what I described could you point me to one of these programs for which one would work the best for what we need to get accomplished?


Also if you could give me any information about them, I did some research and took from that, that Concept has to run with an MRP to formulate a BOM then a quote and drawing. Our manufacturing software is Visual Job Shop if that helps. Again not sure if I grasp the "concept" of Concept so any clarity in this sutuation would be appreciated.


Thank you,

Lex Zeitler