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    DWG -  Save as or Via task Scheduler ?

    Fred Vraj

      Hi Guys,

      is there any difference if I do Save As DWG so the file is just a clean page with sheet metal part for laser cut or if I save drawing ( 100 pgs ) as a DWG via task Scheduler?

      The task Scheduler wont give me an option to choose sheets within drawing. It converts every page. ( Not needed )


      Is the outcome file Save As ( in Part creation ) and DWG via task Scheduler the same for the Laser Cut people?


      To me the export to DWG via task Scheduler looks like a normal drawing with reversed colors.


      Can they auto read the Flat Pattern from the DWG via task Scheduler?


      There is so many views and notes and dimensions. How do they filter that?


      Also why one DWG comes out with tangent lines on it and next one without them? Its so random.


      Thank you