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    Draw a circle tangent to 3 pre-selected lines or edges

    Marquis Leblanc

      Hi everyone ,


      let's set the context....


      I  have several parts in some assemblies, that have some hexagonal holes...   When detailing my assemblies or parts, i want to first put a centermark to my hex. holes.

      What i can do is, sketch a temporary circle that is tangent to 3 opposite edges of my hex. hole ( thus auto centering a circle ) then put a centermark to this circle, then turn this circle to dotted line to make it seem like disapear without deleting it ( deleting it would make my centermark 'floating' ).


      But that process is rather time consuming... ( imagine, on a single drawing, i can have up to 50 of those hex. holes ...)


      My thought was,  would it be possible to pre-select 3 opposing edges of a hex. hole ( i mean manually selecting, before executing a macro ), then have a macro ( in VBA ) to draw a circle tangent to these 3 lines ( or edges ),  then put a centermark to that newly sketched circle, then put that circle into dotted line to ' make disapear '


      Thus seriously reducing the process of centermarking hex. holes 


      First, does it make sense ?


      and Secundo, does anyone have a hint to how achieve this ?


      ( just remember, it has to be done into a view , in a drawing files ... )


      Thanks in advance to all the API gurus around here ...