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    All-encompassing brackets

    Dan Griffin



      I did a search and didn't find any results, so here goes.


      I have a linked actual dimension of a part, with dual dimensions, shown in [brackets].  I manually enter the "turn" dimension above it, and need to include stacked dual dimensions for that as well.  I have inserted the stacked dimensions using the code:


      <MOD-DIAM><STACK size=1.0 divider=LINE>2.180<OVER>2.175</STACK>  [<STACK size=1.0 divider=LINE>55.37<OVER>55.25</STACK>] TURN


      the problem is, the brackets do not surround the entire stacked dimension like happens with linked dimensions. Please see the picture below to see what I'm talking about.  How can I get the brackets to wrap all of the way around the dual dimension?  Any info or workaround is greatly appreciated!



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          Jeremy Off

          A quick workaround would be taking the finished note that you have above, and highlighting only one bracket at a time (editing the text) and changing the font to something like size 20. (See picture)

          After you establish something that cosmetically looks pleasing, you can just copy and paste the note itself to maintain the formatting / font sizes in the future. Then if your dims change, simply double clicking the stacks will allow editing of the numerical values.