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    Cannot open macro: A serious error ocurred on open macro file

    Angelo De Dominicis



      I was working in a macro to export BOM´s to Excel. Code worked just fine for days while debugging it and testing how it performed. I've made a major revision of it today and after a SW crash, i can't open it anymore. Macro was created on 2013 SP4.0.


      SW displays an error saying  "A serious error ocurred on open macro file, the system could be in a unstable state now". Then, SW crashes or remains tiptoeing until it does. Unfortunately, i don`t keep a text copy of that specific revision and i've read in other thread that opening it in 2012 or another version can solve the proble.


      Attached you will find it, it comprises two modules and if you can open it and save it as plain text i'd be thankful... 4 days worth of work going to waste