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    Harmonic Analysis in Solidworks Simulation premium

    Shiva Kumar Bairoju

      Hi ......

      Right now i am trying to do harmonic ansys in solid works simulation 2013 but i am fully confused with natural frequency’s and damping, vibration ansys.......actually i need a guidance how to done harmonic ansys means what r the steps and process, How to start harmonic first…at present i am doing static ansys in soidworks simulation at the same time i want to know harmonic ansys also…..Any guidance for me

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          Jared Conway

          have you checked out the tutorials? there is an example for harmonic analyses. also your reseller should offer dynamic analysis training that will cover all the dynamic analysis types. we offer it online if you're interested www.hawkridgesys.com


          it might be helpful for you to describe what you're trying to do and what spec you're trying to follow but generally the process is the same as other simulations.


          create study

          apply idealizations

          apply materials

          define contacts/connections

          add a fixture

          apply load (usualyl base excitation where your curve is a value vs freq)

          set your study settings for number of freqs and discreitzation




          improve mesh and other variance parameters



          finalize results