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Strange Supressed Parts Bug... Lightweight Mode?

Question asked by Matthew Peterson on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by Matthew Peterson

Hey all, I've got a very strange one for disscusion although this may be a issue related to our pdm system. Worth considering is the fact that I have been recently testing lightweight mode for our system. Here is what I did.

Today I made a new assembly based of another assembly. I swapped out a several subassemblies, as well as checking out and editing one subasembly and making two new subassemblys.

Next I checked in the assembly. -remember I am in lightweight mode

A coworker (no lightweight settings turned on) then opened the file read only and a bunch of parts showed up supressed. Specifically, most of the parts in any of the subassemblies that I had either checked out or made new.

My hunch is that this is related to saving the assembly in lightweight mode, wondering if anyone has seen something like this?

Here is the strange part, I had several other coworkers open the same assembly for read only and none of the parts were supressed for them. (one of these had a lightweight setting turned on and the others did not)

This makes me think it is maybe something related to the 1st coworkers setup?? but we should all have pretty much identical systems... we even push a universal swsettings file. I checked to make sure he was on the correct service packs.

I tried cleaning my coworkers work directory and reopening the assembly and the parts were still supressed.


Note that the parts could be unsupressed, they were not missing references.


supressed parts.png