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Is it possible to added "Component Display States" in an Assembly Design Table

Question asked by Len Richter on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by Nuno Pedro

Is it possible to added "Component Display States" of a part in an Assembly  Design Table?


I have a cable assembly which has wires as parts of that assembly.  Now I want to be able to link an annotation note in a drawing to the display state name of the wires which is the color of those wires.  Due to no way to link a display state names in drawings.  The only simplest I can think of is to link the annotations note to the assembly custom properties name "Wire #1 Color" which is insert into the Design Table.  Then add if possible, wires "Component Display States", and then link the excel cell of "Wire #1 Color" to the "Component Display States" cell.  However I can not find any way to add in "Component Display States"in the design table (i.e. <Component Display States>@Wire<1>).


I have tried in the wire part to added "$DisplayState", link a custom property of "Wire Color" is the design table, & finally link annotation note in the draw.  However the display state name does not change which I believe is something to do with it being changed in the assembly.