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    Trying to create new macro causes instant crash?

    Tyler Johnson

      New pc, less than 3 weeks old.  Everything else seems to be working just fine, I've been using Solidworks extensively the last week or so. 


      Was considering making a macro for this project, went to make a new macro and instant crash. 


      Anything macro related edit/new/run.  All cause instant crash.  Just a generic "Solidworks encountered a problem and needs to restart".


      Restarted PC, nothing else but solidworks running.  Didn't even open a part.  Same result.


      Any ideas?


      Windows 7 x64

      Solidworks 2014 x64


      Being a new PC there were a lot of things installed recently.  Visual Stuido 2013, Microsoft C++ Redist's 05/08/10, .net framework 4.5, SQL Server 2012, I feel any of those could be related.  But honestly have no clue.