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    Macro now not working

    Mark Greenwell



      I have a macro that I downloaded from this site about 2009.


      It has always worked ok in the past, however I have not used it in some time.


      I have since I last used it also upgrade to SolidWorks 2014 SP2, and am now using Office 2007.


      Whe I now try and run it I see this error message.




      It is saying something is missing when I edit the macro in tools -- references i am not sure what is now missing.


      Does any one have an idea what is wrong.


      I have also attached the macro if some one would be so kind as to edit so it works (with my new set up) and e-mail back I would be grateful.




      Mark (SolidWorks 2014SP4

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          Chris Champions

          The macro is linked to SW2013 libraries -  Check them off and link to sw2014 libraries and the macro should work


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            Josh Brady



            It's broken.  :-(


            It uses controls on the UserForm from the Microsoft Common Control library that are not supported in VBA7. 


            It could be modified not to use those outdated controls, but that would take some time.  If it's something you're really interested in using, send me a PM and we'll see what we can come up with.

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                Mark Greenwell

                Hi Josh,


                Thanks for the info. As with all the macros you have created it was very useful when I needed it.


                Although not something.I used all the time it was handy to have.


                If I remember correctly I found this macro on a Post where the OP wanted to be able to show part parameters similar to how you can in Inventor.


                I would not like to take up your time to modify something that only gets used occasionally.


                Maybe sometime in the future SolidWorks will add this ability to the Core product.