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    PDMWE licenses to Solidwork seats

    Tim Turpin
      What is a good ratio of PDMWE licenses to number of Solidwork users?

      Is 1 to 1 to much? 1 to 2? 1 to 3? What made you arrive at the decision?

      Thanks, Tim
        • PDMWE licenses to Solidwork seats
          Anthony Offredi
          Tim -

          We just started about a month ago.  Heavy Solidworks userswill need a dedicated license.  For the FEA people you canshare a license since they will not be in and out of the vaultexcept for a few times a day. (2-1)  We also set ourlicenses to be "available" after 1/2 hour of inactivity. Other people that need to get into the vault that do not haveSW (Approval, MFG, Purchasing, etc) will depend on there usage, weseem ok with a 3-1 ratio right now.   It's better if youmap out the key processes you want to capture in PDMWE and go fromthere.  Adding licenses is pretty easy.