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    Export ALL files

    Jason Ebersole

      Hi all,


      We have SW ePDM installed locally, and our parent company also runs SW ePDM. We are moving latest revs of all files out of our system into our parent company's system, and will no longer be using the locally installed ePDM once the files are moved. We would like to decommission the local ePDM, but not lose all of the file versions that exist. Is there a way to EXPORT all files along with all of the previous versions back out to a regular network folder?


      Thanks, Jason

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          Tim Webb

          Jason, yes!


          You might reconsider moving the latest rev of all files OUT of your system when you see how easy it is.


          A backup of your local file database, your local archive server, local archive server settings, restore all these at the remote site, and some database changes will relocate all this into the parent company EPDM. There may be complexities if the current local vault is replicated.


          When all of this is restored at the parent company EPDM, it will be a new database vault in their server.


          See p.140 of this document:



          Hope this helps:

          Tim CEPA


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              Jason Ebersole

              Hi Tim,


              I understand what you are saying, but our latest REVs are going into an existing corporate vault so all documentation is together. However, one of the options we are considering for maintaining access to the history is exactly what you are suggesting; just copying our existing vault as a new vault into the corporate infrastructure, but this is not my preference.


              My preference would be to get all of the past REVs (we don’t care about the metadata) out into a shared folder as this would not consume resources on the corporate ePDM for data that is static and hardly accessed. If this is not possible, we will likely just copy into the corporate ePDM as a new READ ONLY vault, just as you described. Either way, I need to work towards a plan that allows us to shut down the local ePDM system.


              Thanks, Jason