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    GDI problem in SW 2013

    Pablo Rohrssen

      Since today, I´ve been getting a problem where SW recource monitor starts warning me about low rescources. SW works well for a while but will eventually crash.


      I´ve figured out its due to SW not releasing GDI objects when closing parts/assemblies. I'm using windows 7, and couldn't find the registry option to up the limit from 10.000


      I also saw that in SW2011 they introduced an option to have SW release the GDI objects when closing a window, as specified here: http://files.solidworks.com/swexpress/API_Tips/SWX040511_APItips.html


      However, this isn't available in my version.


      Any ideas?



        • Re: GDI problem in SW 2013
          Ethan Kinney

          I'm having the same issue here.


          I'm running an external application that creates parts in Solidworks. Even though I save and close the part after building it, some residule GDI objects are not release. after a couple hundred parts the GDI approches the limit and I get a resource warning.


          I can set up the program to restart solidworks when it encounters this error and it will release the GDI objects, but I would rather have a better solution in solidworks to handle this issue.


          I'm looking for a similar solution to have the GDI objects released when a part window is closed.


          If I find a solution I'll post it.