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Fresh Build - Slow Performance?

Question asked by Eric Beaudry on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by Anna Wood

Hey guys - I'm looking for a little guidance here. I recently spec'd a new system from Xi and recieved that last week. Fresh install of SW2014 and running things through their paces a little and I seem to be having issues.


Running Anna's Punch Holder test, I'm seeing massive rebuild times. Total rebuild time of 2504.83s with 99.2% of that rebuild time dedicated to LPat5.  Curious if anyone has any thoughts to what could be the issue?


Punch Holder Rebuild.jpg


I've verified GPU driver and update that but not seeing much else that would be an issue here. Is there something I should be doing within the configuration to aid these rebuilds?






Spec -


PC Spec.jpg



Greatly apprecaited,