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Autorecovery is not showing recovery files panel

Question asked by David Seebauer on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by Andrew Miller

Hi there,


Recently my system started to not show the available recovery files after a crash.   I have the correct settings set (I think)  and the files are in fact getting saved as expected.  I know this because I can manually get the files from the backup folder and rename them and replace the orignals which seems to work fin.  Slow process though.


It used to be, Solidworks would give you a panel on the right when there were files to be recovered.   It not longer shows up.


Has anyone else seen this?  SW has been crashing so much lately I am really starting to feel the need to fix it.  I'm using 2012, but I think the probelm may also be in 2013 but can't confirm