Kevin Silbert

How to make image, patch image, update users for all packages

Discussion created by Kevin Silbert on Feb 2, 2007
I uploaded the results of my testing into the Cosmos topic area, but thought they might be useful to someone here also. When installing via adminstrative images and batch files, here is what I determined should be done to Create images, update images, and trigger user updates for SolidWorks, PDMWorks, eDrawings, Help, CosmosWorks, Cosmos Motion, DWG Editor, and SW Explorer.

They're pretty varied, so I had to write it down in a table...

To address the inevitable question, I didn't use the HTML script for user installs because all the other accessories needed to be installed separately anyway, and didn't auto-patch. Adding the SolidWorks install to the big batch file didn't add much complexity, and ensures that SW will always be synced up with the accessories.