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How to get automatically get moments in a design study.

Question asked by Paul Sammut on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello, I am running a design study that is linked to a simulation. This design study is intended to evaluate a mechanism over a range of positions. The end result desired from this study are a list of forces and moments about a specific frame of reference specified by a coordinate system.


I created the simulation and I can get the forces and moments I desire by using the "List Result Force" feature and selecting the frame of reference and vertex for the moment calculations as shown below.


Free body force.png


This is all well and good, but I need to do this for a large number of mechanism positions, so I looked into doing a design study so I can do this automatically. This is when my problems start.


I tried setting up a sensor based on the simulation data and couldn't find a sensor type that would give me the moments I need. I could only find a sensor that would give me the free body forces. OK, so then I tried just getting the sensor to give me the forces about the coordinate system I desired. Still no luck! It seems that whatever I do, I cannot get the sensor to give me the forces about a coordinate system.


Sensor issue..png


So, what I ended up doing is scaling back my range of data points and running each simulation manually. Then I wrote down the force and moment values for each simulation. This is not ideal, because it takes time and I had to scale back the number of data points.


My questions are the following:


Is there a way I can get force and moments about a specifed frame of refernce (or force and the location of the center of force) automatically in a design study?


Am I doing something wrong with the sensor configuration in trying to get it to give a specific force about a specified coordinate system? Why it no work?


Should I be looking at another FEA package?


Thanks for your time!