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Table driven assembly, config expert needed!

Question asked by Lex Zeitler on Mar 26, 2014
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Hey everyone,


I have a background in SolidWorks drawing and featuring and assembling all that "easy" stuff, however, I am not that fimilar with configurations, or table driven assemblies.


I work at a company were we make industrial conveyor belts, I have recently revamped all of our parts drawings and turned them into 3-D models. I am able to assemble all the different pieces and parts by hand to make our belts.


I want these assemblies to be driven with a spreadsheet, meaning, someone can pull up a work order in excel, and then use drop downs to choose what type of belt they want, the width of the belt, the type of chain you need on the belt, etc.


It is getting complicated since there is a lot of different variations of our parts, Im not sure I even know how to go about creating this type of work order, or if its even possible.


If any one reads this that could lend a hand please let me know. I would appreciate any advice I could get.


Our company is in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio; so if someone close by knows how to do this maybe we can set up and meeting.




Lex Zeitler

SolidWorks 2014