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Porous medium properties. Volumetric heat exchange coefficient.

Question asked by Leon Amarillo on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by Leon Amarillo

Good morning!.


Im preparing a model of a rock porous medium acrosed by air.


Im studing how change the temperature in the porous media. I was defining the porous media element in the data base, but when i needed to define the "volumetric heat exchange coefficient" i had doubts abaut the coeffient.


- Im not sure if the "volumetric heat exchange coefficient" is the same like "Volumetric heat transfer coeficient". Becasuse in the program the "volumetric heat exchange coeficient"  is defined by the unit W/m3/K and the "Voumetric heat transfer coeficient" by W/(m3*K).


- And finally I´m not sure where i can find the data of the coefficient, almost a reasonable data. 


Thanks for your help.