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    Converting to New Template Sizes

    Marcos Nieto

      Hello all!


      This is my first time posting a question here, so please bare with me. Recently, I updated my drawing templates sizes to sizes A and B instead of C and D, which is what they were in the past. However, my concern is when I delete my old templates and I open a old drawing, SolidWorks will show an error stating something along the lines of, "Where is the location of the old template?" Basically, my question is is there a way to open an "old" drawing with the new template without losing any information?

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          John Burrill

          Once you create a drawing, there is no relationship between it and the template.  You can remove your old templates and it will have no effect on your existing drawings. 

          The drawing does store the name of the sheet format. However, the sheet format file being deleted doesn't affect the existing drawing.  Solidworks only looks for a sheet format when you go into the sheet properties dialog and hit the reload button.  If your C & D sheet formats are unavailable, a dialog will tell you that it can't find the sheet format and you can choose another one to update your sheet if that's your intention.