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Separate a solid body into two

Question asked by Nathan Atkins on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Dear all,


I'm having a bit of trouble separating a solid model I made of an SAE racecar into two sections, Body and Sidepod, Since it is one solid part (so that it can be CNC'd) it doesnt have any specific bodies that I can select using the split tool.


The reason I cannot go back to the separate surfaces I made is because the sidepod interects the bodywork where I only wanted the external part, so by making them a solid I could achieve this.


I have managed to make a model of just the bodywork by splitting the model and mirroring the side that does not have a sidepod but I am having difficulty separating the sidepod (and its chamfers/fillets) into a separate part.I hope this all makes sense and I apologise if what I am trying to ask does not come across clearly I wasnt entirely sure how to word this.


I have attached two files, one of the solid body together with its sidepod and one of the body on it's own I hope this makes more sense to you with the files.


Kind regards,


Nathan Atkins